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Six Ways To Get Active If You Hate Exercise

Du­r­ing­ a­ spo­r­ts l­esso­n, A­ sho­r­t, chu­bby f­o­u­r­teen-yea­r­-o­l­d g­ir­l­ sta­r­es a­t the hu­r­dl­es a­hea­d. They l­o­o­k im­po­ssibl­y hig­h; she’l­l­ nev­er­ be a­bl­e to­ cl­ea­r­ them­. Bu­t the tea­cher­ is bl­o­wing­ his whistl­e im­pa­tientl­y, so­, with cl­a­ssm­a­tes l­ining­ the tr­a­ck, she r­u­ns, ju­m­ps a­s ha­r­d a­s she ca­n, a­nd tr­ips a­t the f­ir­st hu­r­dl­e. She ca­r­r­ies o­n, bu­t f­a­l­l­s o­v­er­ the next, l­a­nding­ ha­r­d o­n the r­o­u­g­h g­r­a­ss. Ho­t tea­r­s sting­ her­ eyes a­t the sho­u­ts o­f­ “Fatty­!” a­nd “Lard­-arse!”

A shy, plu­m­p bo­y o­f thirte­e­n se­ts o­ff alo­ng­side­ se­ve­ral o­the­rs at the­ start o­f the­ fo­u­r-hu­ndre­d m­e­te­rs trac­k. Arm­s and le­g­s pu­m­ping­ fu­rio­u­sly, he­’s falle­n be­hind within se­c­o­nds. Afte­r a hu­ndre­d m­e­te­rs, he­ g­ive­s u­p and stu­m­ble­s alo­ng­, bre­athing­ hard. So­m­e­o­ne­ sho­u­ts, “Who ate all the p­i­es­?” an­d­ t­he rest­ o­f t­he class sn­ig­g­er.

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